The "Design-to-code" VS "Design-as-code" narrative

Eden Vidal

The "Design-to-code" narrative stands for converting design that is made in ideation tools into a coded design. Why is it a narrative? Because there is another narrative. The "design-as-code" narrative - Our narrative.

Is CSS the missing link between a designer and a developer?

Eden Vidal

What is the missing link between a designer and a developer? Ready for it? We believe it's plain good ol' CSS!

Brief history of web design
tools and the original sin

Eden Vidal

How much have design tools changed since the dawn of Xerox technologies in the 80s? Have the basic conventions shifted much? Let’s find out that and more.

F*ck function, Lets make design pretty again

Eden Vidal

I like to design pretty things, I like to post it on Dribbble, or to look at what other designers are jamming, from weather app concepts and dashboards with sexy gradients, to Youtube and Facebook redesigns that just look gooooood. I look at it and think…

Design and Develop at the same time?

Eden Vidal

I’m thrilled to introduce Relate, the first interface design tool that empowers design and development teams to collaborate in the creation of digital products — visually and straightforwardly.

Thinking in "Design Systems" - Colors

Alex Korzh

There are a lot of approaches to kicking off a design system for your web application — This article is part of a series on “design systems” and the challenges we faced with building our own.