Eden Vidal October 12, 2020

They say,
"software is eating
the world."
​ But...

Today's internet is mostly in technicians' hands. This is true because only 0.33% of the world population knows how to code, therefore knows how to build software.

What about the other 99.66% you're asking?

They are lucky. We're living in an exciting, rapidly changing world - In the last few years more and more low-level tech is getting commoditized, now accessible by creators' hands, rather than technicians. While no one is yet noticing, under the surface - software is getting eaten by design.

There are 3x more designers in product teams in the last five years. "No-Code" movement is forming - Webflow, Bubble, Airtable, Notion are a "thing" now, unlike three years ago.

There's a "hard to swallow" situation here - For the market to grow, two spaces are getting consolidated. In fact, Design-development is merging since the early days of software, and we're right at the beginning of a significant evolutionary step.

I see it as an opportunity - The future is singular. There will be "Github for design" since everyone and every team search for "one source of truth." There are certain things required to make it happen. We're doing these things.

When connecting the dots, the same philosophical infrastructure goes through everything we do. When we talk about our "CODESIGN" engines or the community-driven "bottoms-up" approach, it is simply the "how", it's the way to get there.

"There" mean different things. in terms of business/growth, "There" means Relate's readiness to work for teams who build enterprise software. And... We're there!

The question I ask myself, or being asked - 'hey, if this is a big problem, why aren't more companies emerging with more VC behind them?'

First, I believe we're right before the explosion of "no-code" and "future of work" companies with magical "unseen-before" solutions to old inefficiencies.

Another thing is the inability to clearly measure the amount of time/money an individual/organization can save when using Relate. I came up with a breakdown of the entire design-development process and estimated the % of time/money for each process fraction. There are some processes in which Relate simply makes redundant, or completely eliminates. The amount of time/money an individual/organization can save is unlimited. For many - Unlimited perceived as WTF and in-clarity. It's hard to measure the future with the lens of the present.

Also, since it's a big tech/culture problem, it required a big tech/culture solution with a long-term vision. There are not enough courageous people who will jump in this rabbit hole, or confident enough to see the "big picture" and compete with the big players while killing old paradigms.

We are.